Writer/Director Marcie Begleiter has created a presentation filled with newly discovered archival material, a backstage look into the making of the film and clips of interviews and other material related to this journey.

Also included is the exclusive 16 minute film ‘Eva Hesse” Walking the Edge” commissioned by the Hamburger Kunsthalle for their 2013-14 retrospective, “Eva Hesse, One More Than One”. This short film is NOT a piece of the feature film, but a stand-alone short that was specifically created for a museum/academic audience and is not commercially available.

• Finding Hidden Archival Material 

• Shooting the Art  -  Lighting, Movement and Composition

•Richard Serra, Nancy Holt, Carl Andre, Bob & Sylvia Mangold and more...

                       What didn’t make it into the documentary.

The event includes a Q&A with the director, a slide lecture and related short film.


There is more to the story of Eva Hesse than can be told in a single film. The artist was complex and fascinating, as was the process of making the movie. This presentation covers: