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We are in the midst of the sixth great extinction, a situation that brings grief but also hope that the web of life on this earth may drastically change, but not disappear. My work is a way of imagining a possible future that may be devoid of large mammals, but celebrates nature’s unending ability to survive and thrive in adverse circumstances.


A current project, “A History of the Post-Anthropocene”, is a photographic series sited in diverse habitats that explores a possible evolutionary path, with found natural objects that have been altered and photographed in studio dioramas. These present a speculative future of a natural history that might come to be.


Each ‘chapter’ of this ongoing series is based on a specific geography, and explores the various micro-climates, flora and fauna found in that area. Our world is undergoing dramatic changes triggered by the actions of our species. This work is a meditation on the vibrancy of nature and its billion year old shape-shifting ability to evolve and survive through cataclysmic disruptions. 


Hidden systems, secret codes, and micro-organisms are explored through ceramic,  found objects, AI, paint, graphite and photography. 

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