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My work process begins with photographing and collecting biological samples in stressed biomes, such as the High Sierras or the Morro Bay Estuary. The field collection of objects and images are brought into the studio and used in tabletops mini-stages that I’ve constructed to mimic the space and light found in natural history museums. 


Once the tableaus are completed I shoot hand-held, as if on a wildlife assignment, moving in and around the space to catch a sense of altered reality. The images, although they may appear to be collages, are all constructed in front of the camera. 


My intention with this work is to appeal to the viewer’s sense of wonder and offer an experience of the macro and micro worlds that are often unseen or forgotten. The structure and significance of these forms and spaces are central to our understanding and appreciation of the natural world, and it’s ability to remake itself in times of great stress. I want to share my vision and hope of a future of nature that embraces both the sadness of what is passing and a celebration of what will come. 

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