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This work celebrates nature’s unending ability to survive and thrive in adverse circumstances.  Using objects found in various biomes, I create and photograph dioramas that explore possible evolutionary paths as the planet renews itself, a speculative future of a natural history that might come to be.


A current series, titled “A History of the Post-Anthropocene” is influenced by Scanning Electron Microscopy, a method of observing matter that reveals its elemental nature: an ‘under the skin’ reminder that we see a fraction of the world, at best. 

Each ‘chapter’ of this ongoing series is based on a specific geography, exploring the various micro-climates, flora and fauna found in that area. Together with hand-built ceramics, painted backdrops and collaborations with an AI and a visual scientist at Harvard's state-of-the-art microscopy lab, the work brings together art and science in imaging the diversity of life. 



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