Reviews for "From Word to Image"

"From Word to Image is one of the most invaluable film guides I've ever read — better than a year of film school. The visualization process of moviemaking is described with startling clarity and intelligence. Marcie Begleiter is the go-to teacher for learning the concepts and techniques behind creating a visual script"                                                 
                                                                   Bill Condon, Writer/Director   Kinsey, Dreamgirls
"Begleiter has given the subject its own place in the sun through this groundbreaking practical guide and historic companion."
                                                                                            Directors Guild Magazine 
"“Begleiter’s book is very thorough; 18 years of experience in the motion-picture industry have given her the tools to illustrate complex concepts with great visual immediacy.”
                                                                      American Cinematographer Magazine
"From Word to Image provides a great foundation for the communication of visual concepts for moving imagery. Through this book Marcie provides the essential language for collaboration in the visual storytelling process. In essence, she has sharpened your pencils and provided the perfect page for you to spill out your ideas and have them understood."
                                                              Steve Martino, Blue Sky Animation Studios 
                                       Director, Horton Hears a Who, Ice Age-Continntal Drift
"Knowledge is power. In Begleiter’s world, the knowledge of how the words on the page are brought to life through visual images enriches your appreciation of what you are viewing. And what you are writing." 
                                                                                         New Zealand Writer's Guild


"Marcie Begleiter is the person to explain, to give perspective and to examine the art and craft of storyboarding. From Word to Image continues her teaching with examples, color photos and very practical filmmaking information. I have experienced first-hand the impact her work has had on filmmakers. Her contribution to AFI's Directing Workshop for Women has influenced award-winning directors who have gone on the direct features (College), television (Mad Men) and shorts (Mother)."


Joe Petricca 
Executive Vice Dean AFI Conservatory