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Ann Weber Residency

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

May, 2024

In May of this year I participated in the Ann Weber Residency in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The setting was tropical and the seedpods abundant. I intended to  work on my curatorial essay for the "Echoes of Voynich" catalog but the sky and sea called out. Within a few days I'd abandoned the keyboard for paints and a glue gun. Having left my studio lights behind in California, I explored shooting al-fresco by bouncing sunlight through mirrors. What's that saying about necessity and invention?


This work is developing into a new chapter of the print series "Chimera of the Post-Anthropocene" which focuses on the ecosystem of Banderas Bay on Mexico's west coast. Earlier chapters are sited in Banff, Canada, California's Estero Bay and the High Sierras. The Chimera pictured are flora versions of the mythological fauna, an offering to the abiding abundance of nature. Big mammals may be in trouble,  but life has won out over 5 great extinctions and will do so again in new and unexpected forms. 

I'll be showing work from this series at the Wönzimer Gallery in Los Angeles from Sept. 13-October 18th. I'm also curating the exhibit - it's been a joy to visit the studios of all these wonderful artists. Link below for more info...

Echoes of Voynich at Wönzimer Gallery

Echoes of Voynich Flyer FULL.png

Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity
Artist in Residence 
March, 2024

In March of this year I was an artist in residence at Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity. The Leighton Studio program provided me with a studio in the forest, good meals and a yoga mat. It was a joyous and deeply creative experience.  The tableau photographs I shot there focus on the ecosystem of Banff National Park, where the Centre is located. They will be shown this fall in Los Angeles at the Wonzimer Gallery in “Echoes of Voynich”, a group show I’m also curating.


More on that project below...

Opening September 13, 2024

Echoes of Voynich 

Curated by Marcie Begleiter

Wonzimer Gallery

341-B S Avenue 17 Los Angeles 90031 /

Opening: 5 pm- 10 pm/ Friday, September 13th, 2024

Echoes of Voynich Card.jpg

September 13 - October 18,  2024


Marcie Begleiter, Timothy Ely, Julie Harrison, Christina McPhee,

Blue McRight, Fran Siegel, Linnea Spransy, Snezana Petrovic 

Echoes of Voynich is a group show exploring territory similar to the heretical Voynich Manuscript, an extraordinary 15th-century artifact in the collection of Yale’s Beinecke Library. The manuscript describes fantastical science, based on an idea of nature imbued with imagined spirits and anthropomorphized powers, an elaborately coded text that has eluded the most ambitious deciphering. In a similar spirit, the contemporary artists featured in this exhibition also push back on established orders of classification, offering an alternate world of unseen structures.  

"New Visionary" Magazine Issue 9, February, 2024

"Marcie Begleiter uses photography, painting, sculpture, and video to catalog a future that hasn’t yet come to pass. She imagines the world that may follow our own, which is undergoing radical shifts as a result of climate change. Her recent project “A History of the Post-Anthropocene” includes photographs of real and constructed habitats, which are staged with found and altered natural objects, ceramic forms, and painted landscapes. The resulting images are reminiscent of displays in natural history museums—scientific studies of invented organisms.

Hers is a fantasy of an ecosystem that continues to mutate and thrive, perhaps long after we are gone, embracing both the sadness of what is unfolding and the unexpected renewal it could bring about. Begleiter is an award-winning artist whose work has been exhibited extensively, both nationally and internationally. She directed and produced the documentary “Eva Hesse,” which premiered at the Whitney Museum in 2015 and went on to play in dozens of cities worldwide."

Still Life 2_(Roll the Dice)_Begleiter.jpg



Solo Show

Recent Paintings, Drawings, Photographs and Ceramics

Cambria Center for the Arts

Nov 5 - Dec 31,  2022

1350 Main Street | Cambria, CA 93428



Group Show

 February 22 - March 12, 2023

CICA Museum 

Seoul, Korea 

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